Pelvic Girdle Pain

Pain in the hip joint medical background

20% of pregnant women experience pelvic girdle pain from late pregnancy onwards. The pain affects the front of their pelvis, lower back, inner thigh, abdomen, buttocks, and vagina. 5-8% of women suffer from severe pain and it affects their mobility.

The symptoms are:

  • Hip pain and swollen hip joints
  • Difficulty standing or sitting down
  • Stooped or hunched back while standing
  • Restricted hip movement resulting in shuffling or waddling while walking
  • Clicking in the hip joints (this is audible sometimes)
  • Severe pain while climbing stairs
  • Pain during sexual intercourse


The causes for pelvic girdle pain are unclear but it usually involves a history of lower back pain or having experienced pelvic girdle pain in a previous pregnancy. Other factors are:

  • The increasing weight of the baby
  • An increase in the hormone ‘relaxin’ that result in unstable hip joints
  • Loosening of upper back and hamstring muscles leading to postural changes
  • Poor muscle function even before pregnancy
  • Changes in the centre of gravity

Previous pelvic trauma

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