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The Spine Pain

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Abhayamritham Integrated Spine & Joint Care is an ISO 9001 2008 certified centre committed to provide World Class Preventive and Curative Care within your reach.

Are you suffering with

The Spine Pain

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Ayurveda & Modern Medicine Combined Treatment Center for Spine & Joint problems.


A legacy of 2 decades, Abhayamritham has been a beacon of hope for those seeking relief from spine and joint discomfort.

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Abhayamritham Spine & Joint Clinic is a Speciality Clinic established in Calicut in 2010 by Dr Jayalekshmi and young and dynamic Orthopaedic Surgeon – Dr. Arun. Spine & Joint Clinic is a leading provider of comprehensive care for various Spine, Hip and Knee related problems.


Healing Procedures

Explore our comprehensive healing procedures designed to enhance well-being and vitality.

Assessment & Guidance

Our experienced doctors and physical rehabilitation specialists will make a detailed history, clinical assessment and physical examination to understand your healthcare needs.

Treatment & Physical Rehabilitation

Based on the assessment, the doctors and physical rehabilitation specialists will recommend a non-surgical treatment and physical rehabilitation program for your health condition.

Ergonomic, Nutritional & Lifestyle Guidance

Our rehabilitation specialists will provide ergonomic, nutritional and lifestyle modification guidance to help you better manage and prevent recurrence of your health condition.

Recurrence Management

Our rehabilitation specialists will schedule regular follow-ups to ensure that your recovery is progressing as planned and is sustained over the expected period.

Holistic Approach

Our physical rehabilitation specialists combine their clinical knowledge with advanced treatment modalities, lifestyle modification, exercises and nutritional guidance to ensure the best treatment-outcome.

Qualified Doctors

Our doctors & physical rehabilitation specialists are experts in creating highly-effective non-surgical treatment programs based on patients’ clinical presentation and treatment needs.

Root-Cause Focused

Our clinical teams are experts at assessing, diagnosing and treating to address the root-cause of your condition (wherever possible) and not just the symptoms of the disease.

Unique Treatments

Our clinical teams are experts at deploying advanced treatment modalities either alone or in combination with ayurveda and Kalarimarma to ensure highly effective treatment outcomes for patients.


What Our Patients Say

Praveen Kumar A P

My daughter is a basketball player in Calicut.I was thinking about her health and strength . I heared about Abhayamritham Ayurveda Rehabilitation therapy and I Decised to join my daughter to this therapy. She started therapy under Dr Jayalekshmi, Dr Arun Prakash and Akbar Gurikkal. They made her Fit and Perfect to participate any Compitation Program. We thank Dr Jayalekshmi, Dr Arun Prakash and Akber Gurikkal for their Dedicated Support. After wards they participates NBA U/12 3on3 championship, their team won the Reginal championship and selected for National Level championship. We once again thanking "Abhayamritham" center for Acheving this championship

Prajina T K

The Abhayamritham spine and joint clinic has made a significant influence in my daughter's health. The diagnosis and the treatment methods were very efficient and well organized, specially thankful to Dr Arun Prakash, Dr. Jayalakshmi, Dr. Jyothilakshmi and physiotherapist Amrita. The clinic experience was really customer friendly and the treatment was highly systematic. Having a slipped disc at a younger age stressed her a lot, but the doctors and physiotherapist were really supportive and walked her through every stage of the treatment with almost care. She is pursuing her career in abroad now and continuing with the rehabilitation excercises which greatly helped in maintaining a quality lifestyle.

Roshith Rajeendran

My mother recently received treatment from Dr Arun and Dr. Amrutha, and the care and support she received were truly outstanding. Dr. Amrutha demonstrated a deep understanding of her needs and developed a personalized treatment plan. Not only did my mother experience remarkable progress in her health, but she also felt genuinely cared for throughout the process. Dr. Amrutha's expertise and compassionate approach made a significant difference in my mother's life. We are grateful for the excellent service and highly recommend Dr. Amrutha for physiotherapy if anyone seeking top-quality healthcare