Lumbarisation And Sacralisation

Lumbarisation And Sacralisation

Lumbarisation and sacralisation may or may not cause back pain and some patients do not have any symptoms at all. Bertolotti’s syndrome is lumbarisation and sacralisation that results in a sciatic type of pain in the lower back. Other symptoms of lumbarisation and sacralisation include:

  • Lower back pain along with buttock pain
  • Limited ipsilateral (same side of the body) flexion
  • Reduced mobility
  • Muscle spasms
  • Decreased coordination and flexibility
  • Sciatic or radicular pain patterns
  • Chronic back pain in adolescents

People with lumbarisation or sacralisation are more likely to experience back pain due to:

  • Poor sitting posture that places stress on the affected joints
  • Twisting movements that can irritate nerve roots
  • Lifting heavy loads incorrectly
  • Sitting for prolonged periods
  • Low levels of physical activity

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