It refers to the pain originating in the Coccyx or the tailbone; often caused by trauma or injury sustained by the Coccyx. Women are more prone to the condition due to wide pelvis that makes the coccyx more exposed.  But the common symptom is pain in the tailbone area which often flairs up with sitting.

  • Dull and continuous pain which can flair up at times
  • Increased pain when sitting, changing position from sitting to standing, moving, or standing for a longer time.
  • Swollenness and tenderness in the coccyx region
  • Localized pain that doesn’t radiate to the pelvis or to the lower extremities
  • Pain increases with bowel movement
  • Difficulty in sleeping due to pain
  • Bruise in the tailbone area

Pain experienced during sex


  • The pain is caused by injured tailbone due to trauma, like – injury caused by sudden fall or a fracture.
  • Poor posture & Obesity
  • Hypermobility or Hypomobility of the pelvis
  • Repetitive stressful actions, like horseback riding or sitting on hard surface for long
  • Pregnancy and trauma experienced during childbirth
  • Tumor and infection
  • Idiopathic Coccydynia is also quite common

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